Botox Treatment

  • Posted on May 25, 2014 at 6:58 am

Most people associate Botox treatment with celebrities and wrinkles but, even though she’s gorgeous and wrinkles are the last thing on her mind, Maddie has now had two Botox treatments in the last 12 months.

The benefits can be extraordinary in people with Cerebral Palsy.  It helps to relax the muscles and with the right dose can allow movement that has either not been possible before or make it easier.  In 2013 Maddie had her first botox treatment in both her upper and lower limbs and a couple of weeks after the effects we dramatic.  Whilst she did experience a little weakness in her legs as she now had to use the muscles to stand instead of relying on them being rigid anyway her arms and hands showed the greatest improvement.  She overcame the weakness in her legs after 2-3 weeks and her progress at gym and physio also improved.

We were at the shops one day and Maddie had a drink bottle that she would normally struggle to pickup but before she even realised she was doing it she had picked it up and started to drink herself.  It wasn’t until she had done it that she realised what she had just done and the smile was priceless.

She even progressed to picking up cups without handles in one hand!!


On the walking side it was hard work learning to use muscles she either never used or had to retrain to be used properly.  It was difficult but she kept at it.

In 2014 Maddie had her 2nd botox treatment only this time, based on the positive effects from 2013, it was in her upper body (chest, biceps and wrist muscles). The intent was to get more of an effect right down to her fingers as last time it did seem to flow down her arms.  This time we didn’t notice as much of an effect which is normal so she had casts done to stretch out her wrists and fingers and basically stretch the muscles, one arm at a time so she still had one to use.  They weren’t the most comfortable things for her to wear as she is used to having both her wrists and fingers bent most of the time (and showers were fun with an arm in a bag).  After a week the casts came off and a splint was made while she was relaxed which she is to wear alternate nights in bed.

Casting after Botox

There is only so much of this toxin that can be administered within a certain period and it does lose it’s effect over time so we have to get the most out of it now.  Click here for some information on botox treatment in children with CP.

We are expecting Maddies next treatment to be in her legs so we can put the emphasis on mobility this time.

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