Trivia Night 2013

  • Posted on October 20, 2013 at 10:54 am

Our 2nd Trivia night held in July was a roaring success!  There was a Hollywood theme to the night and there was plenty of imagination on show. We had super hero’s, Bob the Builder’s, the cast from the “Great Madsby” (sequel to the Gattsby perhaps?), plenty of cowboys, pirates, Gangsters, Ghost Busters, Ticket Collectors, Marylin Monroe made an appearance, M*A*S*H 4077, and even a singing Elvis….and boy could he sing!  With just over 150 people coming along we were very grateful for Lourdes Hill College allowing us to use the large hall/gym so we had plenty of room.  During the night we had some games and raffle draws, the most popular ones seem to be those where the prizes included alcohol….is that telling us something?


Being a trivia night we had to have some questions and there were plenty to keep everyone busy, we even had a section sung by our resident Elvis.  In the end it was a draw between two teams so it had to be decided in a best of five tie- breaker.  It’s probably fair to say that by the laughter and dancing throughout the night that everyone had a great time regardless of who won.

The goal for the night was to raise money to go towards a Leckey Horizon Stander for Maddie.  This standing frame will give her time on her feet, which when you sit almost all the time is extremely important not only as she grows but also to help improve her overall health and well-being.  We’re pleased to advise that the standing frame is now on order and we should have it before the end of the year.

A BIG THANKYOU to everyone who contributed either on the night or through the many donations and prizes we were able to give away.  We’re extremely grateful for the generosity of so many businesses and individuals, without you we would never be able to hold an event like this.

Obviously the night couldn’t have happened without  a fantastic team of people to help.  To Andrew, Marie, Julie and Maddie’s Grandparents, our sincere thanks for your ongoing help and support.  And thanks again for everyone who came along, your support is greatly appreciated.

We’re not sure yet how we’re going to improve on 2013 but we’re looking forward to next year!

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