Welcome to Maddies Mates

This site is all about Maddie, a beautiful girl born with Cerebral Palsy and a few more challenges than the rest of us. As parents we recognised a while ago that if Maddie was going to achieve her dreams (including those she hasn’t even thought of yet), live a full life and have the same opportunities that many take for granted then she was going to need some help and so Maddie’s Mates began.

We hope that this site will in some way capture her story, inspire others and grow a support team that will be there for her when she needs it.

You can read her story here and stay up to date with things going on and fund raising activities via her Blogs in the right hand menu.

2015 Trivia Night is upon us.

Click below for details




Happy New Year!!


While you’re here check out Maddie’s story and what’s been happening in her life.


Trivia Night 2014!

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Teenage Adventure Camp

Checkout how Maddie spent a week of the school holidays.  Thankfully the holidays were 2 weeks long so she had the 2nd week to rest after!!


Hydrotherapy is cool…

Actually it’s really warm and fun.




BOTOX…It’s Not Just For the Hollywood Celebs

Maddies had two rounds of Botox treatment.  Here’s an update

The Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings

We can still smell the “essence of onion” and sausages in the car…yep it was a good day!





2014 Upcoming Events

Yes it’s coming…23rd August to be exact!

Check out my blog page for lots of updates.

Trivia Night 2013

Our 2nd Trivia night held in July was a roaring success!  There was a Hollywood theme to the night and there was plenty of imagination on show….


Over the years we’ve done a couple of stories and
interviews on the NDIS.  Maddie was there for the
Queensland announcement.

Some More Surgery…

Masquerade Ball


Agoonaree 2012









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